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Venus Art Academy

London-based Venus Art

It is the Academy where painting, music, theater, cinema, dance, handicrafts, sculpture, graphics, art history and language education departments are located.
VA, for short, was established and managed by artists to bring artists and art lovers together under the same roof. VA Academy is a professional platform where many artists who believe in the contribution of art to the world with a deep commitment and represent different perspectives teach. Along with art trainings, VA Academy units serve you art lovers with its young, dynamic and expert staff who organize exhibitions, concerts (vocal, orchestra, solo), stage performance (ballet, dance, theater, opera, etc.) training programs and competitions.

Our story

Venus Art was founded in 2018 by painter Sonay Memoğlu in England. Memoğlu, who is one of the founders of the Çatı group, which brings together immigrants residing in London, is also a member of the board of directors of the Roof group and the art director of the team. Memoglu has taken the first steps towards becoming an academy by bringing Venus Art to a professional education platform that will guide artistic education, with his art experience of more than 15 years and the art environment he has acquired over the years, and brought Venus Art Academy to life.


Venus Art Academy is to be an education and training institution that can raise creative children and young people with intellectual knowledge that respects social values and professional ethics in the light of universal science. To train people of art, science, education and thought, to become a preferred, respected academy with its pluralistic and unifying structure and to be the pioneer of artistic education.


We aim to achieve holistic development, innovation, awareness and competence in art by providing an atmosphere for the individual and collective development of each individual, with intensive courses carefully selected with a strong team at world standards that produce science and art in the light of contemporary education and universal science principles.

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