Umut Ekiz

Brief info

I was born in Ankara in 1986. During my primary school years, I got acquainted with folklore / folklore by playing Turkish folk dances. This is how my curiosity began to learn about people's culture, literature, music, traditions and beliefs. When I went to the İhsan Öztürk Music Course to learn more about my first instrument, "baglama", size of my bağlama was taller than me. During my education at High School, I never broke my ties with music by taking part in both individual and group work in various organizations. After I finished high school, I knew / decided that music is a lifestyle / a way of existence for me and that I want to make my career in this field. In 2005, I graduated from Ege University State Turkish Music Conservatory and started training to do what I was in love with.In the Turkish Folk Music branch, I did choose “ kemane" as an instrument and specialize on a different instrument. Throughout my university life, I both studied and worked, improving myself not only in theory but also in practice. In these years, I participated in private and public institutions as a musician. Among organizations ; stage performances, choir instructor, individual music instructor, concert work. After graduating from the Conservatory, I decided to go to England / London in 2010 and continue my music life there. So far I spent ten years in London, during this time worked as a music teacher for both children and adults in various associations and foundations. In addition to that I took part in many concerts and festivals. I joined the album recordings of local and foreign bands with my instrument. I still continue to train and perform Turkish music instruments,kemane and baglama.

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