Tuğçe Özgelen

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I am Tuğçe Özgelen, a mandala artist.
I graduated from Ege University, Economics in English and have a master's degree (MSc) from Istanbul University, Department of Marketing. For nearly 10 years, I worked as a product manager in the marketing, product management and supply chain departments of various corporate companies. I decided to advance my career in the field of art with the Mandala art, which entered my life in the last period of my professional career.
After I graduated from a private Art Academy by getting Mandala technical training , I organized several workshops for children and adults to introduce this art in Turkey.
In November 2019, I and another 19 female artists organized the first mandala exhibition in Turkey in Kafka Okur which is a wellknown gallery in Galata district of Istanbul.The exhibition was successful with  high attendance for the duration of  a month.
After our exhibition, apart from my ongoing workshops, I started to offer Mandala technical education to art lovers by creating its curriculum to inspire others the same way I was inspired by other artists. I created an art form called as "Zendala" which is a blend of Mandala and Zentangle arts for my different styles of mandalas and branded it with the same name. Zendala ™️ is a concept home decoration & gift brand created by the blending of these two arts. 
In the ongoing process, I moved to London to promote my art abroad and established my company called Zendala Art and Event Marketing. Zendala ™️ ️, where online / one-on-one Zendala trainings and workshops are held and mandala & zendala artworks are presented to art lovers, continues to operate in London and Istanbul.

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