Javier Maimone

Brief info

Javier is a drummer/percusionist born and raised in Venezuela. He started his musician career from the age of 12, giving him 17 years of experience in his instruments. Javier started playing Rock and exploring Latin rhythms in the drum-kit. This lead him into playing Latin percussion. In 2014 he came to London to explore new horizons and study music. 

Javier’s unique style can be seen when he combines Latin percussion to the drum-kit. Making him a complete one man rhythm section.

Instruments: Drum-kit , congas , bongoes , timbale , cajon , darbuka and minor percussion (shaker , tambourine , triangle , cowbell) 

Percussion programme:
• Introduction to musicianship
• Basic hand techniques
• Tuning 
• Identifying the different sounds in the congas and bongoes 
• Basic rhythm on congas and bongoes
• Rudiments
• How to alter the sounds in the congas and bongoes
• Latin rhythms
• How to blend the Latin rhythms in modern pop music
• How to combine different Latin rhythms 
• How to play percussion with other musicians
• How to be creative with your instrument
• Limb independence 
• The way of the multi-instrumentalist player 
• How to play bongoes , congas , shakers and cowbell at the same time 
How to add and use Latin percussion on the drum-kit 

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