Ebru Özkazman

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Hello, my name is Ebru Özkazman. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in law and I am currently having my masters within the field of masters of general law. I was also entitled to become a TESOL instructor by obtaining the "A1" standard TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Certificate. Besides, I am ballet dancer. I have been dancing for approximately 11 years and I have been teaching ballet as well. I have been trained from various state opera and ballet dancers, as well as many other dances such as modern dance and latin dances. I am also awarded from Royal Academy Of Dance United Kingdom that is one of the largest dance organizations in the world. Royal Academy of Dance is a UK based examination board specialising in dance education and training. I have been trained and certificated Graded Examination in Grade 5 and Vocational Intermediate Level from Royal Academy of Dance. I have an incredible passion and enthusiasim about training students, creating different choreographies and being an inspiration for people. Ballet has become an integral part of my life. Because ballet provided me that success cannot exist without pain, effort and discipline. You now have a new story to write, lets get it done together and be ready for your miracle.

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