Didem Atasoy

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Didem is a professional singer, singing teacher, vocal coach and accompanist with more than a decade of experience, teaching. She’s passionate about sharing her love for music and teach students of all levels, whether young or old; beginner, intermediate, or advanced.
She has a strong educational background with a Bachelor of Music degree(Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University State Conservatory), a Musical Theatre diploma(Istanbul University State Conservatory) and a Masters degree in Jazz vocal performance(BAU), in addition to countless professional development credits. At the heart of her teaching style she believes there is a way to achieve artistic excellence in a fun and playful environment. Her aim is to guide you in ways that will help you grow and develop in your chosen musical field.
Didem’s singing classes are centered around the development of your voice while keeping it healthy. Whether you are aiming to extend your vocal range, work on posture, breath support, clear pitch, vocal health, musicality, vocal confidence or just having a bit of fun singing, she can tailor her lessons to suit your needs and help you pick the right repertory.
For more information about Didem, you can visit www.didematasoy.com

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