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Born in 1973 in Turkey, Berrin Seker began her career as a broadcaster/correspondent and was soon promoted as a news reporter for the premier TV channels.
She has launched many of the top-rated daily live news as well as TV series and popular programs. She was nominated by numerous show business entities and non-governmental organisations as best producer and show host for her ground-breaking TV productions.
Berrin has acted as a host over 5 years at a top-ranking live TV show, and worked as a presenter over a decade long TV project, after which she took a break and decided to continue with further education in theatre and acting school. 
She has done various workshops and performed on stage through the Craft Acting School. Also during this time she maintained her career as a guest and main cast member on some of the most popular TV series.
Berrin moved to London in 2016, following an offer to train and interact with the students of the theatre society. 
Her interest in holistic voice and sound therapy found light at the department of media and linguistics of the University of Chichester. 
She then served as an assistant producer at the London Arcola Theatre and participated as a tutor of acting classes.  
Berrin continues to organise many group learning sessions and training programs for actors and mentores many students in their developmental stages. 
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