Ayçe Abana

Brief info

*She graduated from İzmir Karşıyaka Gazi High School.
* Started to Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Music
* A year later, she won the Department of Stage and Visual Arts, Theater
Department-Acting of the same Faculty and started her acting education.
* While she was entitled to be a graduate student at Dokuz Eylül University,
Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Theater-Acting, she successfully started her
academic career in the examination for the research assistant staff.
* She assisted Prof. Dr. Özdemir Nutku's Stage and Stage Application courses for
eight years.
* She went to Sweden as a guest student of Goteborg Opera and Theater School.
Here, while following the acting system of the school by attending all acting and
musical classes, she practiced various workshops. She had the opportunity to
work with Pia Muchin and Per Nordin. In the same year, she completed her
graduate courses and came to the dissertation stage.
* Upon an invitation from Hartford University, USA, she went to this university
and conducted research on Contemporary Acting Techniques and worked with
Malcolm Morrison.
* The next season, after completing the doctoral course phase, she started her
thesis titled "Contemporary Musical Acting Techniques and A Model Proposal for Education".
* She directs theater plays in many institutions.

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