Visual arts education is an education conducted in order to bring the creativity and abilities of the individual to a certain level and to explain their feelings, thoughts and observations. Individuals who receive this training grow up as individuals who are sensitive to intercultural awareness and have a developed sense of self-confidence by looking at art from a different perspective. With the development of original thinking, production and aesthetic feelings, they can produce conscious aesthetic judgments about art and design.

Visual arts is a comprehensive art field that spreads to a wide base and incorporates many disciplines. Art forms that create works that are visual in nature such as painting, sculpture, ceramics, printing, design, handcrafts, photography, video, filmmaking and architecture. Visual arts also include applied arts such as industrial design, graphic design, fashion design, interior design and decorative arts.

The aim of today’s fine arts education is to improve the perceptual ability of people, to help them transform their thoughts into visual forms, and to evaluate the relations between cultures and works of art by teaching the language of art. With this education, it is aimed to raise not only practitioners who make art, but also individuals who enjoy art and can analyze art. Art educators have to combine historical, aesthetic, critical and visual fields as well as practical work of art.

Art history is the science that studies the historical evolution of visual arts in its simplest form. This branch of science acts with the aim of establishing the relations between an art or arts in a historical dimension; While determining the distribution order of the elements that make up art in history, it searches for the hierarchy of numerous and complex art phenomena. It is an important field that must be applied in order to teach interdisciplinary art such as art history, art criticism and aesthetics more effectively and better. In this context, training for children, adults and young people is provided in the Venus Art Academy Visual Arts department.


Painting Department Education

-Pencil Drawing, Pattern, Oil Painting, Caricature


Sculpture Department Education

-Modeling, Portrait Making, (Modeling)

Graphics Department Education

  • Illustration (How To Draw A Character?)
  • Basic Photoshop Tutorial


Ceramic Department Education

-High Five Workshop (Child)


Original Print

-Linoleum Printing


Video, Filmmaking


Mandala Training


Art Philosophy and Aesthetics


Modern Art History


Contemporary Art History

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