Dealing with music includes evolutionary functions such as communication, cooperation, group coordination, and social cohesion. At the same time, it activates all mental functions in the brain such as perception, emotion, learning, teaching and memory. It is aesthetically based in essence and has individual, social, cultural, economic and educational qualities.

It has an important role in child development. There are areas of influence ranging from emotional and social development, physical and psycho-motor development, development of language and cognitive skills to career choice. The first aim of music in basic education is to awaken the love of music in the individual and the child, to develop the image of music in the imaginary world, to ensure the sense of rhythm and ear sensitivity. A child who loves music loves people, loves society, loves life, and gains a unique spiritual power and wealth.

Art can breathe easily and develop in societies that have “intellectuals who have had art culture and are composed of individuals who have had adequate and appropriate musical education”.

Education for children, adults and young people is provided in the Music Department of Venus Art Academy.

Singing Vocal Training

Turkish Art Music Education

Turkish Folk Music Education

Sufi Music Education

Oud Training

Guitar Training

Clarinet Training

Side Flute Tutorial

Rebab Training

Violin Training

Piano Training

Cello Training

Drums, Drum Training

Bagpipe Training

Sound Recording Techniques (Podcast Training)

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